A change for the better starts with us – Interview with Valentin Morar, CEO Wallberg Properties

Developed by Wallberg Properties group, Sunnyville residential complex is located in Brasov, on the Temelia former factory, at the intersection of the Carpaților and Muncii streets. The first 83 of the total 340 apartments will be delivered turnkey until the end of this year. This project stands out by the brand it proposes, the message…

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Who we are is up to us!

Not often we find ourselves in situations which seem to have been lived through or foreseen by our forefathers long before our time, situations in which our response might not always be the one we would have chosen after a deeper and more profound consideration. Interestingly we sometimes stumble upon centuries worth of accumulated wisdom,…

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A morning in a crowded intersection

“Sunt un optimist. Nu văd niciun sens în a fi altcumva.”

Braşov. Intersecţia de pe Calea Bucureşti cu strada Zizinului. Dimineață. Semafor. Roșu. Coloana de mașini adunată în intersecție înaintează cu greu. Pentru un minut înaintăm. Apoi, stăm. Privesc picăturile de rouă adunate pe parbriz și parcă au corespondent în miile de gânduri care-mi zboară prin minte.

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