We think sunny, we are sunny. We are what we think.

The path that we are forced to take daily is often synonymous with increased discomfort. Therefore, it seems easy and right to find refuge in the gray color of everyday life; a refuge whose bases are built on dissatisfaction, bitterness, fear, helplessness and victimization. Without acknowledge, we leave all that to define our own existence.…

A morning in a crowded intersection

“Sunt un optimist. Nu văd niciun sens în a fi altcumva.”

Braşov. Intersecţia de pe Calea Bucureşti cu strada Zizinului. Dimineață. Semafor. Roșu. Coloana de mașini adunată în intersecție înaintează cu greu. Pentru un minut înaintăm. Apoi, stăm. Privesc picăturile de rouă adunate pe parbriz și parcă au corespondent în miile de gânduri care-mi zboară prin minte.

Attitude determines the path we choose in life

Success and well-being in different sectors of our life are the direct result of how we choose to exercise our mental abilities. From athletes with outstanding performance businessmen and entrepreneurs of top to succesfull teachers and happy parents , each one of them understood the importance of positive attitudes and thoughts being set in a…