Who are the Sunny People?


Sunny People are the persons with the sun in their eyes. People who live with serenity and enjoying life, respecting others first. There are those that comply with the success of others and live their own success in a nice, admirable way. Sunny people are successful in what they do. They know that ambition, passion and concentration are the first ingredients on the path to success.


We like it when we go abroad, we like especially the people .

From the seller who smiles at us in the store, to the kindness that we encounter in traffic. From the serene faces of people passing by with positive attitude to the joy of living that we see in those with whom we interact. The energy that we see in young people who know that success means efforts and seeking perfection and even color of the clothes that the elderly wear.


A Sunny attitude is primarily related to the joy of living, regardless of income or social class.

Many people who have a lower standard of living than in Romania, have a higher level of happiness. And often, we know people with a higher standard of living, but who do not enjoy the serenity, modesty of their success. And sometimes it feels that they manifest superiority towards other people. We must recognize that there are many people dissatisfied with their lives, who ground some negative feelings like envy or hatred for the success of others. It is time to show that we have this sunny attitude in Braşov , one of the most beautiful cities in Romania. Sunny attitudine. The attitude of people who admire and respect the success and the lives of others.


# Braşov Sunny People’ attitudes.

Serene people’s attitude, an attitude that multiplies and becomes increasingly stronger in Romania. An atitude that will change the way we live and dwell in their own country. Through this blog and channel communication named Braşov Sunny People, together we will find reasons to be happy, to be truly Sunny People. And we humans are the ones who can change the place we live in. And we can start right now. #Braşov Sunny People.